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Coronavirus Statement



The health and safety of hall users and the general public is the utmost priority of the Trustees during this time of national and global crisis.


We have, today, put the following measures in place to help contain the disease.

  • No new bookings can be made until the outbreak is under control and restrictions on our lives are lifted.
  • Existing bookings are cancelled and the hirer will receive a full refund of any monies paid to the Trust.
  •  Nutley Pre-school, who are a resource for key-workers, do not need the hall at present. Should they need to use the hall in future the facility will be available to them.
  • Maintenance and repair work will continue where the contractor and the hall management judge it is safe and necessary.
  • The hall is available as a community resource to receive and drop off supplies as necessary within the community with particular emphasis on the elderly and vulnerable.

The Trustees

Nutley War Memorial Trust

Revised 21st March 2020 


The committee of management meeting scheduled to take place on Thursday 2nd April 2020 has been cancelled. Instead of holding the meeting Trustees will cover the agenda via email and phone. Minutes of the conversations will be produced soon after 2nd April 2020.



In 2019 we had planning permission passed in order to build a bespoke preschool and changing rooms plus storage for the primary school. This spawned the launch of the Nutley Community Project which was held in November and was attended by a great number of the local community and finished up in Giggles for the fire work display.

Since then the project team have been working hard on fund raising which is proving challenging to say the least.

The lease for the Nutley Tennis and Squash Club (NTSC) ran out in 2014. Over the past 3 years the Trust have worked hard to broker a new lease with the NTSC but we have been unable to agree a new lease and so the Trust have withdrawn the offer.

This club occupies a very valuable area of land and Wealden District Council have advised us that it could be developed for affordable housing and retirement properties. This could release a substantial amount of funding for the Trust not only to be able to build the preschool, but to also provide replacement tennis courts and perhaps other outside amenities for the benefit of the village such as all-season football and netball pitches. The funding could also be considered for helping the Fords Green pavilion project. In addition, we are hoping that it will provide the Trust with a reserve which will be used to support the Nutley Community into the future.

The Trust is designed to help and support the Nutley community and with the redistribution of assets the trust believe that they are fulfilling this aim.

As the Trust belongs to the Nutley Community it is important that you all have your say. We will be holding an event later on this year when all the options are clear, and we can explain and discuss them in more detail. We will also take a direction from this meeting for the way forward.

In the meantime, we would welcome your views both in support or against the scheme and also if you have ideas that may contribute to this exciting opportunity for our village.

Please write to:

Nutley Community Project
Nutley War Memorial Hall,
High Street

TN22 3NE

Please can you include your name and address.


Les Wilcox

Chairman Nutley War Memorial Trust  






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